Db casino wurzburg

db casino wurzburg

Projekt des Monats: Mehrwegbecher · Zum „Internationalen Tags des Kaffees“ am 1. Oktober zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie ihren Kaffee auch unterwegs mit „ grünem. DB-Casino "Mediterrano Cantina Estacion", Nürnberg Hbf Würzburg, zweiter Mittwoch im Monat Uhr, "Vier Jahreszeiten", Haugerpfarrgasse 3. Hallo, es geht hier nicht um Glücksspiel, sondern die DB-Kantine u.A. am würzburger Hauptbahnhof. Vor ca. einem Monat gab es in geekish.nu+ service. Es gibt aktuell zwei Haltestellen: By clicking or navigating the option24 demo account, you agree to allow our collection of information on and off Facebook mentalist beste verbindungen cookies. DB Lounge Hauptbahnhof Entfernung. Die Bahnanlagen trennen den Stadtbezirk Grombühl von der Altstadt. Der heutige Würzburger Hauptbahnhof wurde in den er Jahren an Stelle der im Zweiten Weltkrieg zerstörten Bed at home errichtet.

Gracias por vuestro blog y saludos. Ya tenemos los billetes de Basilea, las fechas han dependido de los precios y facilidades.

Hasta Estrasburgo hay km y unos 90km a Colmar. Tomamos nota de tu consejo, muy agradecido nuevamente y te haremos caso, al final cogeremos Baiersbroom y Frigurgo como centro de operaciones.

Tengo que decir que yo no visito la selva Negra, sino que vivo en ella! Es precioso todo esto estoy enamorada de este sitio!

Y por cierto, trabajo en un hotel y de gente hispanohablant que viene a visitar hay muchisima! Ya sabeis, si pasais a visitar algun dia triberg otra vez venid a saludar!

Si bajamos ya te escribiremos jejje. Te dan una tarjeta con la cual puedes viajar gratis en los trenes y autobuses de las Selva Negra.

Pruden, grata experiencia por la Selva Negra y la Alsacia. Seguimos tus consejos y nos encantaron los lugares visitados.

Viaje muy recomendable y que ha sido mejor gracias a Los Apuntes del Viajero. Muchas gracias por tus comentarios.

Aeropuerto de destino y alquilar el coche. Nosotros salimos de Madrid y estoy pensado ir al aeropuerto de Basilea Francia o Zuricch Suiza porque parece que salen bien de precio.

Alli alquilar coche y hacer una ruta circular para dejar el coche en el mismo aeropuerto, estableciendo 3 bases en Constanza, Friburgo y Baden-Baden pero no se si hay problemas por pasar de Suiza a Francia o viceversa.

Hola soy Cori Quiero hacer un recorrido con mi marido por la selva negra , tenemos 6 dias es suficiente?

Quiero viajar a la Selva Negra en el puente de Diciembre, del 4 al 8, pero me da un poco de miedo por el frio. Como siempre recomiendo el Hotel Falken de Baiersbronn, excelente y muy bien de precio.

Muchas gracias, aunque somos madrugadores ya tenemos una edad y el viaje debe ser para deleitarnos con la belleza. Ahora bien, con un plan bien organizado y sacrificando algunos lugares no lo veo en absoluto descabellado.

Yo no suelo mojarme mucho con las recomendaciones personalizadas, ya que al final la experiencia de cada uno es distinta y hay muchos lugares que seguro que son interesantes y en los que nosotros no estuvimos.

La Selva Negra es una zona agradable, con pueblos bonitos, lago, etc. Me lei desde el primero. No quiero correr mucho asique pienso ir con calma de a un pueblo por dia.

Estara bien o sera muy apretado? En cuanto a campings: Se puede llegar a la ciudad en un paseo o en bici. Por la zona hay varios interesantes.

En Alsacia estuvimos en hoteles cerca de Colmar y Estrasburgo, no en camping. En cuanto a aparcamiento, me temo que no podemos ayudarte, ya que no tenemos fresco el tema y seguro que ha cambiado mucho con el tiempo.

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Listado de hoteles en Titisee. Eider 9 octubre, at Pruden Los apuntes del viajero 14 octubre, at Policarpo 24 octubre, at Pruden Los apuntes del viajero 24 octubre, at Alvaro Callejas Pons 10 noviembre, at Alberto 10 noviembre, at Francesc 14 febrero, at Rosa 28 marzo, at Policarpo 1 mayo, at Maria 30 marzo, at Mariana 27 febrero, at 3: Alberto 27 febrero, at Norma 17 junio, at 9: Tamara 23 julio, at Alberto 23 julio, at Sara 4 agosto, at 0: Benito 7 agosto, at 8: PERRO 21 agosto, at Ana 10 noviembre, at 0: Alberto 10 noviembre, at 9: Mirella 15 enero, at Alberto 24 enero, at Alberto 27 enero, at Aitziber 29 enero, at Alberto 3 febrero, at Sol 16 marzo, at Alberto 17 marzo, at 0: Sol 17 marzo, at 0: Alberto 17 marzo, at Victoria 28 abril, at 6: Alberto 28 abril, at 8: Marlen 5 agosto, at Isa 2 junio, at Isa 4 junio, at Ines 13 junio, at 5: Ines 14 junio, at Teresa 14 junio, at 1: Ines 15 junio, at Agustin 24 junio, at Ines 30 junio, at 3: Ines 30 junio, at Ines 2 julio, at 2: Ines 2 julio, at Ines 3 julio, at Milene 28 julio, at 3: Alicia 21 septiembre, at 5: Alberto 21 septiembre, at 8: Jon 4 octubre, at Alberto 4 octubre, at Alicia 4 enero, at Alberto 4 enero, at Alberto 5 enero, at 9: Alicia 5 enero, at Alberto 5 enero, at Alberto 10 enero, at 9: Alberto 15 enero, at Carmen 12 marzo, at Alberto 6 mayo, at Charlie 27 mayo, at Pilar 16 julio, at Antonio 19 julio, at Malena 4 septiembre, at 9: Jose Luis 8 noviembre, at Veronica 5 diciembre, at Veronica 26 diciembre, at Federico 20 diciembre, at Andrea 26 diciembre, at Marta 6 enero, at Alberto 4 febrero, at Manuel Morgado 30 abril, at 8: Xavier 1 mayo, at Xavi 2 mayo, at Virginia 4 mayo, at Virginia 8 mayo, at Alberto 4 mayo, at Carmen 5 mayo, at Carmen 6 mayo, at Alberto 7 mayo, at Carmen 10 mayo, at Alberto 11 mayo, at Alberto 12 mayo, at Rebeca 21 junio, at Aina 27 julio, at Alberto 28 julio, at 9: Alberto 5 agosto, at Midway through one of the "technical" apologies, the lights went down and a deafening roar of approval came from the audience.

Opening with Dr Music, the band came across as angry and by the time they got to Heavy Metal Black and Silver with its feedback intro and outro they came across as positively violent.

Only when they came to the next number did it become apparent that not all was well with the band. In typical showbiz fashion Eric announced that Albert "is gonna tell you about the next song".

Albert in whinny sarcastic voice goes "yeah yeah, Albert's gonna tell you about the next song" and without another word he smashes into Cities On Flame.

An amazing version and very intense. For me the intensity of Eric captivating the audience into almost believing that the song was autobiographical made it all the more powerful.

Since then it's pretty much been my fave BOC track. The merciless rhythm that Albert pounded out during Veteran of the Psychic Wars seemed angry and created an almost hypnotic effect with the audience dancing to every beat similar to the beat that one would experience at a Queen concert during Radio Ga Ga.

I remember feeling slightly conned that I didn't witness the 5 guitars showstopper on this occasion, but despite Buck's spangled gold shirt all the band excelled themselves.

This was one of their best gigs despite the fact that there did seem to be a mood onstage that only lifted once they got into the final number, Roadhouse Blues.

Buck ending the show with some really athletic high kicks, some scorching solos and sacrificial string breaking.

The feedback from Dunstable the following night was that they were also late onstage and that that show too was very intense. It was only a few days' later at Castle Donnington's Monsters of Rock festival that I learnt of Albert Bouchard's departure from the band.

From one of their best ever gigs to one of their worst in the space of a few days. Some were still wondering whether they'd been conned by a no-publicity stunt until they arrived to see Dunstable plastered with the notorious Kronos symbol.

T-shirt chic was the order of the day with all the fans checking out the hottest designs. Fortunately my Agents of Fortune pic was not duplicated.

Many of the kids had attractively embroidered logos and slogans executed by their loving girlfriends and mums?

The main surprise of the night came as Bloom introduced the band: The jaws of dozens of aspiring drummers dropped as they realised that their hero hadn't made the gig.

I see from today's weeklies that the day after Dunstable, Albert Bouchard flew back to the States announcing that he had left the band, dooming them to play a duff set at Castle Donington and breaking up what must be by now one of the longest-lived unchanged rock band lineups in rock band history along with Quo.

Don't do it, Albert! The Stalk Forrest Group needed you! The Soft White Underbelly needed you! Don't quit on BOC just as the band gets its first major chart album!

Mick Godwin, Bath, August I am not absolutely sure of the stand-in drummer's name, but Rick Downey is the drummer on the Extra Terrestrial Live album, so he is the most likely candidate - MG.

Simon Lynch Happened to see the advert for this in "Sounds" or some-such, one of the warm-up gigs for Monsters of Rock.

In many ways my favourite gig. I'd travelled some distance to get there and had to stop overnight so, as you do, I went to the police station to ask if they knew anywhere to stay I think I actually wanted them to put me up in the cells overnight!

They recommended some friend or other and I ended up sleeping in some kid's bedroom dunno where he slept. Got to the venue about hours before the band were due to come on stage, saw some cool SWU posters and, after asking nicely, managed to pinch one.

Got chatting to some of the guys in the queue and, when some fancy car pulled up round the back, we took it in turns to go and chat to Allen. Of course I was too awestruck to have a sensible conversation, I was even overwhelmed by the other fans, some of whom had previously travelled to the States to see them.

Allen was impressed with my poster, but, when I wouldn't let him have it, was gracious enough to sign it for me. When the doors finally opened, managed to get a spot right at the front.

The stage there was so low that, at 6' 4" I felt I was actually on stage with them. Being a "newbie" to live shows I didn't notice that something was "up" until Eric introduced the band and I realised that Rick Downey was on the drums and doing a fine job!

A fine set with a good variety of old and new, no "Astronomy" and still no "Last Days of May", but a blinding version of "Veteran". At the end of the show I managed to pick up a Buck Plectrum and I actually had hold of one of Albert's last drumsticks.

Unfortunately the other end was being held by some large, hairy, greasy biker who threatened to kill me if I didn't Let Go. Philip Murgatroyd Stumbled across your site and thought I would share with you my SWF nite at Dunstable Went with my brother and a couple of mates, wasn't very well publicised, so only die hard fans were there.

Doors opened and after a mad rush, We were leaning on the stage, dead centre, at the feet of Rock Gods. It was 26 years ago, so the memory fades, it was a good gig, picked up a discarded Buck Dharma plectrum which I still have.

Albert was very late and after the gig we were walking outside and we came across this tiny guy dressed up in a silver suit.

He was well pissed off and we recognised him as Albert. He had just been fired by the band and was not happy, he grabbed this fence post out of the ground and began hitting this hire car that had let him down, BANG BANG BANG this car was a mess, by the time he had finished, we didn't try to stop him, he was a thing possessed.

So my claim to fame is that I witnessed Albert Bouchard knocking 7 bells out of his car after being fired.

Went on to see the band at Donnington, later that week, just wasn't loud enough on the day and it was a poor show, shame.

The Last Days of May in fact, and things were progressing normally for a 15 year old I suppose. Stuck in my bedroom thinking about Caroline Jones and whether we'd ever really get it together, listening to a few sounds, and waiting for Top of the Pops to start.

You know the time, end of punk, beginning of Disco and strange hybrid bands. All very interesting but nothing to change your life, nothing to make a stand over.

Well not until that night!!! I bought the single, then the Agents of Fortune album. Introduced my brother to the band and we became avid collectors of any BOC stuff.

However we seemed to be a fan club of two. I know Stairway to Heavens a fucking great song but listen to Astronomy. Our pleas fell mostly on deaf ears.

Three years went by, and the legend grew. There was so little info on the band. So few interviews, or reviews of their concerts and what was said just made them all the more mysterious.

By this time we were desperate to see them live. Cultasaurus Erectus had gone some way to heightening awareness and Buck Dharma was now mentioned in magazine polls.

Life was good although it still wasn't quite happening with Caroline. Anyway in early '81 news broke of the 2nd annual Donnington"Monsters of Rock Festival.

Saturday 22nd August was to be the red letter day. The days leading up to the concert were spent in glorious anticipation. My denim jacket although sporting a couple of BOC patches and badges along side John Miles check out the "Zaragon" album Nazareth and Bad Company did not do the band justice.

So I talked nicely to my girlfriend not Caroline unfortunately and she embroided the back with the band name and logo. She did a fantastic job and I still have the jacket.

It doesn't fit me anymore but as an interesting footnote to this story, my current girlfriend still not Caroline wore it to the Astoria gig.

The eve of the gig arrived and we gathered at Tug's place the guy with the car. We arrived early evening and parked next to a van with the legend "Hendrix Lives" painted on the side.

This vans picture subsequently turned up in one of the music papers reviews although we failed to make the photo.

There didn't seem a lot else to do so we put up the tent and had an early night in anticipation of tomorrows festivities.

At this point I think I should reiterate that this was our first open air concert and it would be fair to say we were a little naive.

We hadn't brought any breakfast thinking we would get something there. The day had started badly and would go steadily downhill.

We passed through the gates at Shortly afterwards it started to rain. We wandered round and managed to get a burger or should I say what passed for a burger on this greyest of days.

I began to play spot the t-shirt and it has to be said that our boys were not well represented. I bought a programme and apart from their name on the front cover, BOC didn't feature at all.

This was not looking so good. By this time we were soaked and we gazed around in awe at the people who had brought groundsheets, umbrellas and picnic hampers crammed with food and beer.

We couldn't even sit down. The magic was fading fast!!! Cold and fairly miserable by now the entertainment started and our spirits lifted and there were a few signs that there were actually some people there who were BOC fans.

Anyway first up were a band called More and I'm sorry to say I cannot remember a single thing about them. A band not heard much in the U.

I enjoyed them and have since come to like a lot of their stuff. Next up were Slade. This was a band that I'd loved as a kid growing up as I did in the glam rock era but of course it wasn't cool to like them any more and they were hardly heavy rock's finest, were they?

Well apparently they were because already on something of a revival they went down a storm and created a real party atmosphere.

The only downside of this was that everybody decided to throw anything into the air that they could get their hands on and the sky became a flowing ocean of toilet rolls, chicken legs, paper aeroplanes and mostly plastic bottles and cans full of piss.

Testament to the fact that the toilet facilities were poor and already overflowing. Well done Slade great show.

A hush fell over Donnington. Was it a lull before another thunderous storm. Were people settling back to relax before the big event or were they just knackered after throwing bottles of piss around for half an hour.

It seemed the latter when sometime later BOC took the stage to muted applause. Following Slade I went for a walk in an effort to get warm. It had stopped raining but was still overcast.

BOC fans were more visable now, a few flags and t-shirts I hadn't seen before. There was even someone in a magnificent hooded robe with a huge logo on the back.

This was better and I returned to the stage area full of hope and youthful exuberence. We got as close to the front as we could whilst maintaining a full view of the stage.

There came the usual introduction the Amazing Blue Oyster Cult The Red and the Black Something was clearly wrong, the sound was awful and who the hell is that on drums.

Where the Fuck is Albert. The band was ill at ease and Buck, man that golden suit, what were you thinking of. If anything the sound was worse during ETI and Heavy Metal a song that sounds turgid at the best of times.

The crowd were starting to get restless and I feared another sky full of piss. Then they did something a bit different.

The intro to Joan Crawford was an attention grabber and the sound seemed better. The crowd cheered up Buck took over for Burning for you and a storming Hot Rails to Hell helped the cause.

The familiar anthems of Godzilla and Reaper made sure the crowd weren't gonna kill them and were enough to get them a grudging encore and the choice of Roadhouse Blues was good because it even got them singing along, however when they left the stage this time there was no clamour for them to return.

My first BOC experience had come and gone. A band on the verge of making it big in the U. Like the loser of a cup final, they just weren't good enough on the day.

The other lads just turned to us and shrugged their shoulders. Would I ever see them again. The band that is not my mates.

Although Whitesnake were excellent it was all hard work after BOC's departure and the atmosphere wasn't really there for me anymore.

I reached out but Caroline wasn't there, but that's the way it goes at these rock 'n' roll shows Dizzbustologist The local heavy metal joint in Dundee at the time was the Centre Bar and a bus was duly organised to leave at closing time the night before.

This being Tommy Vance was the logical choice for compere. Unfortunately he thought the logical choice for apparel was a red and white bomber jacket, red baseball cap and white trousers.

He lasted I counted about 30 seconds before the first salvo of apples, chicken curry and plastic bottles of piss was airborne.

Most bikers just put their helmets back on and accepted the inevitable. Slade fresh from their triumph at the previous years Reading were next up with BÖC to follow.

Unfortunately but predictably they went down a storm, played Merry Xmas Everybody in August and fired tons of loo rolls into the crowd towards the end of their set.

My heart sank when they launched into Born to be Wild, knowing it was one of BÖC's sure-fire festival pleasers.

I managed to get down the slope nearer the front in anticipation of my hero's appearance. Looking around there weren't too many other cultophiles there, one noticeable exception being a guy in an all white reaper cloak carrying a scythe.

The sound was the worst it had been all day, Buck had lost all dress sense, and Albert looked a lot different in real life! The crowd response was at best indifferent and BÖC's hearts clearly were not in it.

A couple of days later I heard about Albert's departure and growing rumours of sabotage with the sound and lights.

Within a week I realised I had an unwanted souvenir from the gigchickenpox!! You have to look at the whole picture. Let me take you back a couple of months before that gig.

They talked that the US stage show was to be brought over in its entirety as it was the only stage in the UK at the time that could take it with 40 foot Godzilla and Joan Crawford, and Harley Davidson's on stage.

The expectation was high and that from some reports the other two bands were less important. A couple of weeks before the show, shows were announced that legendary rockers Soft White Underbelly were in the UK to play a couple of gigs, 'a band that had later gone on to cult status'.

With pictures of crossed guitars the press lead no misapprehension that these gigs were not to be missed I did. Again, a lot of space was taken up.

It may have been around 12'ish that some people came around selling BÖC merchandise T-shirts etc. I dismissed these as unofficial items and didn't bother.

However, later around a camp fire, chatting to another BÖC fan, I learned that the seller's were BÖC roadies, and that the stuff was official doh!

We got into Donington that morning. Went to the merchandising stalls to buy programme and T-shirt. Opened the programme, second page a list of bands playing, lots of pictures of the other bands except BÖC.

The listing on the second page was the only mention of BÖC. Got to the stage area. The PA consisted of numerous, albeit large, full range cabs.

Prior to BÖC, the British band Slade did a ripping set if you were into them I still considered them a glam rock joke. Their sound was excellent, and dispelled my fears from where I was standing concerning the PA.

After a long wait and rain shower, the stage was prepared for BÖC. On they walked Buck what were you wearing!

Dominance and Submission rang out, petered out, and fell flat. The sound was horrendous. Feedback and totally indiscernible. Roadies remember the really fat one ran on stage.

Eric announced to give them a few minutes about ten as there was a broken main amp, Buck's. Opening the back of Bucks at that time Mesa Boogie if I recall amp.

Proceeded to check it and ended up for the rest of the set, with a screwdriver yes I was that close stuck in the back thought at the time, why only one amp!

Things didn't get better, Buck's sound was intermittent, and the whole PA sound was dreadful. The band knew and the British crowd responded accordingly.

Joan Crawford, Eric said that they had been stopped by the 'power that be' from using the JC effigy for 'safety reasons'. Godzilla, a similar announcement, and Roadhouse Blues, 'sorry we could use the bike either so here's a recording of it.

The band played diligently but with the ever deteriorating sound the crowd lost it. Don't Fear the Reaper, sound worse, crowd response was that the only one they knew!

Evening came, with the sun setting, Whitesnake came on where did all these women come from! Sound excellent, as it had been for Slade, but louder. Again sound volume perfect.

The press had a field day with the BÖC fiasco. Yes I saw the picture of Eric jumping the commemorative mirror. He did say they 'sucked'.

Also, it was announced that Albert had left the night before, and that Rick had stepped in as he had, had to do before! One press report, stated that it was the their sound engineer's fault as the he had tried to rectify the problems by simply turning up the volume taking out over half of the wet PA cabs.

I have tried to give as apart from some of the brackets a true unbiased reflection of the events.

Now here's my biased view: Unheard of, that a guitarist at that time only used one amp, as Buck's previous rigs had consisted of two or three on much smaller UK gigs.

Boogie amps are legendary for their reliability, even back then. If a speaker blows, it does not come back to life. Coverdale's petulance is legendary.

Because BÖC had been stopped from using the lasers, their new stage show had been reported on in the press long before the gig announcements as a spectacle to behold.

Rick was a competent drummer, though not near Albert's. He knew the songs etc, the band had played with him before. Quite simply, they were sabotaged!

Sam Judd Here's a few extra comments from "The really fat one": Donington was a bad situation that just got worse Albert had left and this would be RD's first full official gig with the band Some of the PA amps really did blow on my side of the stage it was like a small fireworks display We always carried spare amps so Ricky Reyer may have been down to his last dregs I'm just addicted to LOUD guitars!!

As for me I just remember how tasty the Steakburger,Chips and beans were with a bit of HP the Blue Boar once we got the hell out of there after we got the truck unstuck from the mud Click here to see a copy I vaguely remember it..

A cogent and well written piece by George G. Purposely maladjusted compressors, lost magic smoke, honest system malfunctions, all I know was, we were playing our absolute hearts out, and it was like no one could hear us.

We never expected to do better than the headliners, but we wanted to do as good as we played. Still pisses me off to this day.

It was never BOC's policy to "sandbag" support acts, no matter what Lemmy thinks. The number of acts that went on to greatness after supporting BOC on tour is a testament to that.

This was in my experience a primarily British routine, and if it was done at all, it was done as a matter of policy by the sound company's system engineer.

Since the headliner was contracting and paying for the sound company, maybe they felt a responsibility to provide the "best" sound for the headliner, but it's a little bit of volume, not screwing the support acts.

I can think of only one instance of sabotage, when a light rig employee, out of misguided loyalty, lifted the ground on the three phase main power, causing havoc with the sound and lights during an Aerosmith support gig in Springfield, MA in the day.

This guy then went into the locker room and destroyed a porcelain china toilet. Not our doing, although it was hard to convince Aerosmith of that. BOC has virtually always been on the receiving end of this kind of stuff.

I must say, all the acts we're taking about have gotten a lot more mellow over the years. Buck Dharma To see George's article, click here. Gary Benzie My first gig was meant to be the infamous Donnington appearance.

A bus had been set up from a local record shop in Aberdeen. We arrived at the departure point me with a boc flag which took it's design from Eric's cape on the ST cover.

To cut a long story short the bus didn't turn up. Even now my blood boils at the memory. It would be 3 years before I had the chance to see them.

Ralph Check out this link for some Donington memories: I gave him a T-shirt from this concert since he collects Heavy Metal Memorabilia I still have the one I wore the most which is really a raggedy old thing by now: We camped out in tents, next to the concert site the night before as a lot of other concert goers did.

It was an all day concert and we wanted to be there early enough to hear the first band and get a good place on the stadium grounds.

Even coming the night before, did not get us a great spot for the concert. We were probably about half way back.

The arena was just a huge field perhaps about acres and all you could see was wall to wall people on blankets. There had been so much partying the night before that a lot of people laid down on their blankets exhausted, and listened to great music all day long.

Many fell in and out of sleep due to the night before. Everyone brought blankets, as well as food and of course in this time period there were plenty of drugs and drink to be found.

People shared what they had brought with people they had never met before. The feeling of brotherhood was phenomenal. It was the greatest concert I have ever been to.

It is a shame concerts cannot be like that anymore. These days you would have all kinds of fights and problems Everyone was there to have a good time, and if someone started to get out of hand, someone in their group would calm them down and get them under control.

Everyone just wanted to have a good time, and people policed themselves. Concerts were different then and most concerts in Germany were actually a big party.

They did not check what you brought with you back in those days -- there was no screening for weapons, alcohol or drugs.

There did not need to be. People were peaceful and just there to listen to music. It was an amazing time in history. You could have incredible concerts, and people were peaceful.

When I go to concerts these days, I cannot help but compare. Concerts are not nearly as much fun anymore, but outdoor concerts are still better than any other kind!

Gig Ralph This gig was confirmed on the gig history page of the "kfmx. Turnabout opened the show for a cancelled Danny Joe Brown and managed to bore the crowd of 6, before the evening really began.

However, when Foghat took the stage for an hour and fifteen minutes of energized rock, the audience recovered. The set started out slow for the crowd, but as Foghat continued, they managed to convince the audience to come around to their way of thinking.

Foghat was in top form when they opened at 9: The decibel level was a little high but to some that is what rock 'n' roll is all about.

But that was not the case as Foghat then broke into one of their biggest hits "Fool for the City. Lead guitarist Erik Cartwright provided excellent licks on his guitar before drummer Roger Earl took over for a short solo.

Foghat then broke into another song off the new album called "Love Zone. The rest of the band returned to the stage for the remainder of the set with some serious rock music.

Foghat continued the set with two songs from the new album, "Weekend Driver" and their latest hit "Live Now, Pay Later.

When Blue Oyster Cult took the stage the story is a different one. Sometime during the stage change, someone must have turned up the volume about 50 decibels.

The music was inaudible but the audience didn't care. When the band broke into "Gozilla" the stage show began. With shadows on the ceiling and smoke coming from behind the drummer the song lost it's flavor.

The next song was "Born to Be Wild" and for this song the band brought out a motorcycle to highlight the song which closed the set. The audience brought the band back for a final "Don't Fear the Reaper.

This was effective for most of the audience. For others, the music that Foghat supplied was superior to any stage show. Ralph Thanks for that Ian.

I especially enjoyed this bit: A less charitable person than myself might describe the review as somewhat Foghat-heavy, if not downright a tad biased His listless view of the concert gives no credit to the exceptional talent exhibited by the members of this Canadian rock power.

Brown was more concerned with English class Essentials of English Usage than with the quality of the show. Furthermore, this is not the first time that Mr.

Brown's ignorance of rock music has been exhibited within these hallowed pages. His review of the Foghat Blue Oyster Cult concert was also highly inaccurate apparently, he was studying that night too.

In the future, please have someone accompany Mr. Brown to these events; not only to carry his English homework, but also to help him cntique the show "No, Mr.

Brown, the stage is the other way " Sincerely, Todd A. Gig Ralph The Billboard stats above reckon a band called "Enemy" opened - does anybody know for sure?

Deen is now the drummer for Journey - replaced Steve Smith in Quick Gig Facts Foghat Tour: Gig Ralph Again, the Billboard stats above reckon "Enemy" opened - does anybody know anything about this?

Gig Steve Calava Hello, I've been looking at your site for a couple of weeks now. I wanted to tell you about the concert I saw in Norman, Ok.

I remember some of the show, not all of it. They opened with "Veteran Of The Psychic Wars" as about 2 or 3 dozen men dressed in black monk robes walked out on stage holding big white candles.

I vividly recall "Godzilla" because they had their gigantic "Godzilla" monster. It roarded loudly as it came from the back of the stage on some big forklift apparatus.

Smoke came out of its mouth and its eyes were red lazers. Also, a fabulous set piece. Those are the only other songs I remember, except for the encore which was "Born To Be Wild" as Eric rode out on stage on a beautiful Harley chopper.

Very memorable closing and all in all one of the greatest concerts I have ever seen, with Buck figuring prominantly on every song.

I wish I could recall more, but such is the fate of growing old. I hope this helps you with your site. Ralph Does anyone know if there was an opener before Foghat?

Gig Ralph Does anyone know if there was an opener before Foghat? Foghat was indeed the opener, as noted in your Giglopedia.

However, there was a second opening act: It was a weird pairing -- what concert promoter came up with that one?!?! More of a triple bill, really, as each act did a full set, with encores.

We were on the floor, about 5 or 6 deep from the barricade in front of Dave Peverett. Karl Benner The running order for this show was actually Whitford St.

I've never seen The Outlaws!! I also remember not knowing who WSH was at the time and going home later to research who they were.

I've kept a log of all the concerts I've been to since I was a teenager and that's who I've got written for that show. There's no way I could have written Whitford St.

Holmes if I'd never even heard of them at the time. The Grog That was my first show ever at The Spectrum. Rather ironic as I am writing this on the day [23 Nov ] they started to demolish that building.

Definitely no Outlaws there. Foghat and BOC both kicked some serious ass that night. That Roadhouse Blues was out of hand too.

Great memories of both the band and the building. BOC once again put on an awesome concert. When they did godzilla they had a huge mechanical godzilla come out on stage with red lasers for eyes blowing fog out of it's mouth - great special effects.

Foghat also did a great set. Although, some guy found his way on stage and climbed up the lighting He was discovered and the show was stopped mid-way-through, as crew members went chasing after this stage trespasser, like a cat stuck up a tree, the guy tried to go higher and higher until he gave up.

About 15 minutes later the house lights went back down and the band finished the set. I really wish I had a tape of this show, it was quite amazing.

But BOC were tops My first time seeing BOC What an awesome show!!!!! I also saw the Black and Blue tour date which you do have sept 21 at springfield civic center BOC was sooooo great way better than Sabbath and Sabbath was very good anyhow!!!!!

Robert Martin Yes there was opener. I always thought it was Sammy Hagar Holmes sounds more like it. Bob Giroux I don't recall Whitford St.

I just checked my BOC stuff. I sat in the lower gods just to the right of the stage, next to Joe, in front of a wall of speakers.

Gig Ralph Reading a feature on BOC in the 13 Sept edition of the Pittsburgh Press printed to advertise this upcoming gig, I was interested to note that they said the opening band was going to be Shooting Star.

I was also amused to read the following: The recording sounds great and is complete except for the last minute of the big medley, which was lost when side one of the tape ran out.

I gave it a nice quick fade to make it less shocking. The audience is not very talkative between songs and is attentive during them, except for some rube yelling at Rick Wakeman during Awaken.

Still not too distracting. Yes - Wembley Arena The FM version is longer and 2CDs. Tk 10 has some diginoise problems.

There's a constant background ticking. It starts at 0: It is on the CD-R that was copied from the reel to reel master. An excellent soundbord remastered by "thir13en" from original bootleg.

This is reputed to be recorded by Yes for official live album but unreleased. Recorded by Barry Glassberg using Nakamichi recorder.

Incomplete concert missing The Clap. This was the Tour. Info from Forgotten Yesterdays. Rumor has it that these are the Trevor Horn produced songs.

He left the project before it was completed. Research suggests that they were recorded somewhere between the "Private Collection" album and "Page Of Live" In , this song was recorded and included on the release, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe.

November 30, on Big Generator tour. Resurrecting Dragons is still the better of the two shows from Includes some ABWH demos. This is taken from the bootleg Live In Montreal on the Flashback label which wrongly states the show was in Montreal.

Live on Talk Tour. Talk Tour [no label 3CD Torrent: Broadcast date January , The announcer transitions have been left in the audience mix at the end of the tracks.

May be the TV broadcast as the sound is excellent. Yes - Chile 98 [no label 2CD Torrent: Yes - Symphonic Live The raw recording favors the orchestra, and the guitar and keyboard parts are hard to hear.

The master improves the mix with EQ and dynamics processing. Magnification tour with full orchestra. Yes play in a festival of heavy metal bands!

This is a TV broadcast. However this is taken from tge soundboard master reel and not off the TV or radio.

This is sourced from flashdrive that was sold at the Yes concert. The bitrate is kbps. The lineup excludes Jon Anderson. Yes - Charlottesville Lostbrook 2.

CD2 is The Yes Album plus extras. MOB with Artwork by: The band was electric from the first notes of CTTE and the sound quality was great.

Crystal clear highs with bass that you can feel. The mix seemed very well balanced, which has not always been the case on this tour.

I ran two separate recording rigs but chose to share the DPA version as these mics really shine in the right outdoor setting.

From my perspective this is the best capture I have gotten from the four shows I attended on this tour.

Lowest frequencies were attenuated in order to avoid too much "booms" when Alan kicks his bass drum. Some other frequencies were slightly increased to be able to clearly hear Chris notes.

For the high frequencies, some EQ was performed as well, because the cymbals on the rough recording had too much "ringing" sound.

Levels adjustment was a big part of the remastering process, applauses and crowd noises being at higher volume than the music sometimes.

Between songs, it was easy to correct. However, it was much more challenging to attenuate manually the audience clapping during songs. It never went beyond this stage.

Compiled and remastered by Jamie Lochhead in Mar Includes multiple takes, none of which appear on the final album, and some conversation in between takes.

His Christmas album was released in First three tracks are instrumentals. Fourth track, Longwalker Speaks, is recording of tribal leader with background music.

Ex- SBD with hiss. VG to Ex- FM stereo. Some distortion in the sourced tape. Robert Berry and Max Bacon on vocals.

Tk Yes live at Wembley Stadium, Oct 24 Wakeman is a fair AUD recording. Yes is nice AUD stereo recording. The audience is a bit loud but it's a small place.

Really cool to have the Arkestra on board. Source 1 is a soundboard recording. Broadcast on Aug 12, This is an excellent FM recording.

Includes all 7 sets broadcast from pm. It is a CD transfer from a cassette of the original acetate. I cleaned it up a little with Cool Edit Pro and the results are quite listenable.

Frank Zappa famously said, when accepting an award for his third album We're Only In It For The Money, "I prefer that the award be presented to the guy who modified this record, because what you're hearing is more reflective of his work than mine.

Numerous pieces of the album were edited to appease late 60s "decency standards", thus beginning Zappa's heavily-championed cause for artist's Freedom of Speech and the battle against censorship and the suits who perpetuate it.

For decades, fans could only enjoy what the label thought would appease social standards at the time, rather than what the artist intended.

Luckily throughout the years, there were a handful of reissues and international repressing of the album that did reinstate many of the dubious censored pieces.

What I have done here is take the best master available of the original stereo mix which reinstates all the minor censored parts that were internationally restored via reissues and replaced the four remaining censored bits with their uncensored equivalents from a number of source, thus creating a completely uncensored and completely stereo version of We're Only In It for The Money.

The spoken Velvet Underground line in "Concentration Moon" was mixed to mono and panned to The replaced verses of "Mother People" and "Harry, You're A Beast" also fit perfectly, and are for the first time here in full stereo.

I even went ahead for extra credit and uncensored the backwards bit in "Hot Poop" for any anal-retentive listeners out there! Maybe this one could be one of the best.

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