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9. Juni Gangster-Casino-Chip: Credits oder 1 Kartellmarkt-Zertifikat; Schmuggler -Casino-Chip: Credits oder Kriegsgebiet-. Ein Chip, mit dem man während des Nar Shaddaa-Nachtleben-Events an den Schmugglerglück-Spielautomaten auf Nar Shaddaa spielen kann. Category. 4. Mai Hier findest du alle Infos zum Casino-Event von SWTOR auf Nar Shaddaa! Kauf dir auch direkt weitere Schmuggler-Casino-Chips beim. Ich wollte die Gelegenheit nutzen und mit euch über die Änderungen sprechen, die wir mit Spiel-Update 2. Unermüdlicher Angriff sorgt jetzt auch dafür, dass bayern münchen vs bvb Schaden-über-Zeit-Effekte von Risswunde und Tödliches Schwert nicht mehr gereinigt werden können. Einfach durch das Klicken auf den Automaten…. Schnell-Lüftung wurde durch Kritische Lüftung ersetzt. Eine Drehung kostet einen Gangster-Casino-Chip, der beim Casinopreis-Händler erworben oder bei einem Schmugglerglück-Spielautomaten gewonnen werden kann. Du hast an einem Schmugglerglück-Spielautomaten 10 Preise gewonnen. August läuft, passend zum Erscheinen von Spielupdate 2. Credits kannst du damit noch immer verdienen, wenn überhaupt ist es jetzt halt casino midas sign up bonus mehr das Crafting, dass book of ra alt wirkliche Gelddruckmaschine casino connecticut. Du kannst also die Rüstungen, Waffen, Fahrzeuge und Haustiere mit jedem Charakter kaufen und dann an einen weiteren deiner Charaktere verschicken. Schildtechnologie Schildkühlung baut jetzt nicht nur beim Abschirmen eines Angriffs Hitze ab, sondern auch bei der Verteidigung. Es gibt keine Mindeststufe bei diesem Event, beachte aber, dass du für Belohnungen wie die Gamorreanische Leibwache mehrere Millionen Credits investieren musst, daher sind diese Belohnungen nur für Spieler mit einer hohen Stufe in erreichbarer Nähe. Wie alle Events beginnt das Event auf der imperialen Beste Spielothek in Unterbierwang finden republikanischen Flotte. Oder dir sind die echten Credits zu schade, aber du willst trotzdem spielen? Du hast an einem Schmugglerglück-Spielautomaten 10 Preise gewonnen.

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SWTOR - Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event (Fair Play Enforcer / Star Cluster Casino)

Some of the best decorations yet made in the game. Buying the Rancor gives you the achievement and it can be refunded immediately without losing the achievement.

You can buy and refund on the new decorations as well to get the achievement for them. Does the Gamorrean work the same as the ones deeper in Nar Shaddaa, where he shoulder-rushes an enemy and sends them flying a good twenty feet?

That one has always been a buy item from the original vendor. The Magnus used to drop from the kingpin slots, but the blue vectron is bought with gold certs.

Idk how many off the top of my head. Gives you coins to start and you have to play the machines 10 times. Just to clarify, this mission is for returning characters.

Someone on Reddit said the amount varies from chips, my three runs saw it vary from Damn so even if you get the comp its not unlocked in collections, damn.

Was not expecting them to jack the prices up so much. What the dance floor and Mic deco. I only bought Smuggler chips, but you get the good stuff from the Kingpin machines with the Kingpin chips you earn from gambling with the Smuggler ones.

Quite a lot of them too. Got the wraith in my first hour. I want that companion damnit….. If you manage to spend 50mil in 4hours it sounds like you bought Kingpin coins directly and didnt play the Smuggler slots.

In that case I understand your low win ratio. If you bought only Smuggler coins, played on the smugglers slots to get kingpin coins and then played the kingpin slots only when having the Feeling lucky-buff, you probably would have spent like 2 mil instead for the same results.

Buy the 2k ones, I have bought , and gotten about 80 free kingpin ones, and 8 gold certs from the 2k ones, and 3 more gold certs from the free kingpin ones.

Go to the nearest real-life casino. Buy them cheap booze until they give you cash to win big and take them away to a life of excitement and romance.

Leave them passed out on the nickel slots while you escape with your winnings and maybe an ounce of self-respect.

Bought 10 kingpin tokens just to test my luck at the start. Got a wraith on the third one. The Gamorrean can be dressed up, sans helmet.

Has spoken dialogue, but very few lines. Likes Luxury, Military Gear, Trophy gifts. Loves Weapons and Underworld gifts.

The lights are a bit ugly with decent effect. None of them light up a room, but instead shine a small area of the floor right beneath them.

Yellow… may as well not even work. The bar, while round, does not rotate in place when set on a hook. It moves in an ovular fashion. For those who might want the pet for SH purposes, be warned it counts as an npc and takes up an npc slot, complete with a long name.

Took me about a hour and a half. I enjoyed the event although frustrating. Only bought smuggler chips, never played the kingpin machines without the buff.

When I got the rancor I had about 20 chips left and got 1 cert with them. Got an additional cert by playing the 5 free smugg tokens from another character.

If most of the slots have people, just transport to a different instance a good guess is whichever has the highest number. If you are going to win anything from a kingpin machine, your lucky buff will disappear the moment you click it but before the animation and the outcome.

This implies that the outcome is already determined when you click the machine and the animation is just window dressing.

The nice part of this is that it lets you play multiple kingpin machines. Just move from one to the other and watch your buff. The moment your buff disappears, run back to the smuggler slots.

I think this was everyones problem, playing more than 1 machine, I stuck to the same machine the entire time and I think I hold the harbinger server record for rancors.

Spent K on smuggler chips hit the king pin slot soon as I got lucky buff and bam. Only 1 gold certificate out of that K….

So far about 20 certs and 3 vectrons. You should be able to sell the vectrons and certs back to the chip merchant for more chips.

The Opus can be bought with certificates. I played at the very start of the event for 90 minutes. I got the rancor within 10 minutes and blew up two machines before I quit.

Kingpin coin odds from Smuggler slots have since changed IMO. I know all about RNG, but I was getting around 10 kingpin coins for around smuggler coins at the start.

But on Wed and Thurs I now only get around 10 kingpin coins per 70ish smuggler coins if I am lucky. Seems too big of a difference to be not by design.

Spent k, got Rancor, Vectron Magnus and 5 certificates. I spend over 3 milion, get Golden sert. I unlock all achi. Still waiting rancor, nope.

All my money is gone and I delete my account and unsub june TY Bioware for awesome content. The lightsaber costs 2 certificates and the blaster pistol costs 3.

More power to anyone with enough credits and time to sit there all day clicking buttons trying to get the rancor or buttuglycycle, you have much more patience than I do.

Also, input for the devs, since Dulfy seems to have their ear…. More Smuggler machines, Less Kingpin machines.

Then you get some kingpin tokens and lucky buff and find 30 machines not even occupied. Seriously, I have to wonder if the devs actually thought people were just going to drop 50k each for a couple hundred kingpin tokens… if they did they it proves their grasp on reality is a little loose.

Check out Lower Promenade. Seems few people know about this secondary location for slot machines.

Almost afraid to ask about this, as it may be a bug… but then again BW might make all the other legacy pistols and the blade work the same way, which would totally suck.

While we were headed there for the bounty anyway she clicked on the advert in the fleet, went to nar shaddaa and got the 5 complimentary smugglers tokens, used them, which took forever for me watching, got one kingpin coin from those 5 smugglers ones.

Spent k preffered got 18 kingpin 5 certificate. The best way to do is buy a bunch of smuggler then stand beetwen 4 machine and every time You need to move,but You can use 4 machine at the same time.

Produced Kingpin Chips. Got everything else though. Tons of Golden Certificates though. Duffy is getting lazy. All I wanted to do was see the Companion Customization, and there are no pics.

Yup, subscribers have much better odds. As a sub i only got my first magnus after 1. Only got the rancor after 5m so this theory is incorrect.

You can easily make the cash up or make the cash back with GSF. Or spend mins running black hole dailies, you make about k just from that short time investment.

There are a few tricks I have noticed. Go to the lowest population instance 2: When the buff wears off get it twice again remember it will disappear if you get a gold certificate or a jackpot 5: Play two machines at once 6: Never play 2 kingpins where someone else is playing the third one next to you.

What you are saying is exactly how I have been playing. I am k in so far and only have won 29 certificates. No mounts, no explosions.

What really sucks is the odds of winning a cert on the smuggler machine is the same as winning a Vectron Magnus on the Kingpin machines.

I have won 8 certificates on the smuggler machines thus far, but no Jackpots on the kingpins. And pretty much everyone in my guild that has played thus far has won a Rancor or the car with less investment!

I have some pretty bad RNG luck. And I have been a dedicated sub since pre-launch with no lapse. So you can throw that idea right out the window.

EA is EA after all, quick buck all the way. I got a rancor. Rancors are like culos. In short the rancor is dumb. What a waste of credits and time.

I thought Rancors are cool because of their size. But the event is kind of a waste, Got to agree with that.

Sorry about that if it offends you. Still wondering when the Infiltrator will come out since it got postponed…….??

Dulfy is a she. And she just relays the information. Well thanks for your comment, and sorry for the mistake that Dulfy was a he…. Even the idea of finding rare drop kards on enemies would have been kool.

Trading Kard Games usually tend to go over quite well. She IS dealing with updates to 4 games now. Lol, keep up the good work Dulfy! Spent more than kingpin chips blue and still not even one rancor, but all achievments x 10 even the blown machine.

Why would you waste that much? You could have just bought two rancors. Bottom line is…I am closing in on 20 million spent. If you want it keep pushing for it..

I only got 1 Magnus.. But I cannot get one of those darn Magnus. I have spent over 3 million now, and have 3 rancors, but no Magnus yet.

Nothing against you BUT I am really sick of hearing these stories of people getting it so quickly yet it takes Millions for others to get theirs.

Even if they said 75 Certificates gets you a rancor. And I still have about 80 smuggler chips and 29 Gold Certificates left. Then you must be…because on day one it was insane with the odds.

I spent a total of 1. I saw a rancor pet on the fleet, and the player told me it was a jackpot from the gambling event. Is it true, and if so, why is it not in your list?

Did you even read the above guide? It not only has 3 pictures and a video of the Rancor, but even shows the percent chance of winning one?

Anyone else disappointed by the implementation of this two month event? The system is fine, but it sucks just as bad as real slot machines.

Click a button, read the text to see if you won. Earning achievements was more entertaining. You think they would have had a pop-up window so you could root for three rancors or three hutts in a row.

It is so lackluster. That sucks… I know the feeling. I got to about that before getting my second pet. Still no explosion yet.

This event is for clowns. So what if we all now have goofy rancors. Do we actually feel happier as a result?

Last night, I thought the game crashed, I saw I lost my lucky buff clear indicator of victory…although typically just another cert right after clicking but nothing happened for a good seconds.

Nearby gamblers howl in rage, across the casino a hutt bellows his distaste, new alien npcs that look amazing and nobody has even commented on snark bitterly as a halo of light surrounds me and from the heavens descends a green rancor.

And from the sidelines I see my 7 alts, each just as worthy of a rancor as the next save one. He holds out his hand demanding satisfaction, and I hand over the reigns.

I am never leaving. This is my home now. My biggest problem with this event is the cost. Unfortunately, still no rancor mount.

Might as well run some dailies and keep trying my luck. It would be great if people read event information above and understood that like real life gambling, there was no guarantee of winning a specific item or mount.

The event machines are really boring and every single time I play them for more than 10 minutes I start to fall asleep on my chair, at any time of the day and eve if I overslept the night before.

I only want my achievements, but this is starting to look like an impossible task. This is seriously getting on my nerves.

Not sure how much difference this will make to most, but I did the math with these figures and got a different Average 1. Dulfy does it affect my chances to win something if i click the machine just when the pointer points to a specific position?

Some of my guildies said the won always if they clicked just when the pointer was at the opposite of the colored area.

Other ones said the won if they click the machine if the points is at the colored area.. Word on the street is that they fudged the odds after 2.

Back on fleet I noticed a lot of casino rancors the first few days and going into the last week of June I see none. Were the odds of winning also determined by how many people were gambling in nar shadda?

Either way the event spanning the entire summer seems uncharacteristic for bioware. All the other events lasted a week e.

I some how lucked out and won both mounts at the same time playing 3 machines. It was nothing for 3 days then it rained prizes.

I spent k on one of the first days and k few days later after one of the patches — and won only 11 gold certificates, nothing else.

Then I started thinking like some people here that they ninja-nerfed chances of overall winning in one of those patches… I was kind of sad and repelled from any more playing and wasting credits….

Few weeks passed and I was just watching a lot of rancors on Fleet, which I really wanted to win like anyone else, right?

At first I thought, oh well, another certificate, but then I noticed I also got some achievement. Having smugglers left, 2 days later 2 days ago , I decided to play some more just to spend them because they take my inventory space and I have no use of them being unused.

I finally got my Rancor, as well as all other achievements, and just over gold certs. Even clicking on GCD that has been more than 10 hours of clicks.

Just scored the Rancor mount. Previous days playing it averaged about 1 kingpin chips per 6k spent, sometimes more sometimes less. Due to the rakghoul event I hopped back in here.

Almost at certs now. Out of that 2 of the certs were at the smuggler slots. I usually get 5 golden certificates per 99 smuggler chips. I estimate burning through more than seventeen stacks of smuggler chips and still no rancor.

I do have almost 60 golden certificates. I finally got a rancor. So happy that some luck kicked in before the event ended.

I really hope now that the next story arc after the housing release is something interesting enough to pull me back into the game for more then looking at a crude slot machine.

Expect to see this in general the whole time. Best to ignore them. I think I spent about 1. Sounds a bit crazy off. I spent K and got 11 Golden Certificates.

Were you using the lower end coins to get the higher end ones, or did you just purchase the higher end ones? You will need to have a ship so you can travel to Nar Shaddaa.

Otherwise the only places you can visit will be your previous location or the Fleet. Expected value of return: I spent less than K and 3 hours before I won it.

Then I left and never came back lol.. I didnt care about any of the other rewards. However, now that I have a commando, I might try to get that cannon.

Another guilde spent millions buying kingpin tokens, while I used the smugglers to win tokens for kingpin. Wanna see whether you are the one of good fortune in swtor?

Then you should bet really big in Swtor Casino. Therefore, now swtor fans can try their lucky rate by the best gambling practice for Casino event.

Where can swtor fans have legit gambling practice in swtor? There are a couple of things that players should be aware of when they want to play this event.

Out of K, players will get on average or more Kingpin Chips. Try to set a limit for yourself on how much you will spend in Casino.

Casino is a credits sink, so what can you do if you need swtor credits? Therefore, if players still want to have some fun in this part, but are short of swtor credits, what should they do?

Swtor2credits will offer swtor fans with cheap and safe swtor credits which can be gained within 30 mins.

Casuma läuft, passend zum Erscheinen von Spielupdate 2. Allgemein Erkundung Player-vs-Player Weltbosse. Casino royale tv Belohnungen wurden ebenfalls verbessert, sodass die Spieler eine tolle neue Möglichkeit haben, ultimative Auszeichnungen zu verdienen und neue Inhalte zu fruits Du hast mal an Schmugglerglück-Spielautomaten gespielt. Wenn man über den Tag verteilt sich alle Stunde 10 Minuten Zeit nimmt um durch ein halbes Dutzend Chars zu loggen wird man am Ende doch durchaus ein ähnliches Bayern restprogramm haben wie nach einer Stunde an der Slotmaschine. This is starting to be depressing. Costs betvictor live chat gamble have gone up. Now help me find my Geritol. But I think the prices will be around what we have for the thrones now. At first I thought, oh well, another certificate, but casino slots bonus ohne einzahlung I noticed I also got some achievement. I suspect he Glossar der Casino-Begriffe - Free Spins oder Freispiele OnlineCasino Deutschland trolling you all. Want me delete it? I spent around k to get my Kingpin Pistol, a friend spent around a K and got 4 gold certificate and the Vectron on the Kingpin machine. Out of K, players will get on average or more Kingpin Chips. Got the wraith in my first hour.

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Jackpot Du bekommst ein Golden Certifikat 0. Du hast an einem Schmugglerglück-Spielautomaten 10 Preise gewonnen. Acquisitions are not mutually exclusive of each other. Does the blue speeder still drop? The Old Republic gilt nicht für die Informationserhebungen auf diesen Websites. Diesen kann man im Kartellbasar bei den Jawa-Händlern gegen epische Handwerksmaterialien Gorfanor Januar 16, ,

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Sie sind im Begriff, diese Website zu verlassen Der Spielautomat funktioniert so wie geplant, die Entwickler werden sich aber den Einfluss des Jawa-Schrotts genau anschauen und eventuell Anpassungen vornehmen. Grades wurden zu einer einzelnen Handwerks-Tresorkiste der "Stufe 50" zusammengefasst, die 3 zufällige Handwerksmaterialen enthält. Beachte, dass du Gefährtenanpassungen nur mit der Klasse dieses Gefährten kaufen kannst. Ein Betrag, den man mit der Gewinnung eben dieser über Crew-Missionen weit überschreitet. Unproblematisch wäre es ja auch, wenn jeder so einen Automaten hätte. Grob gerechnet ergibt sich also z. Manchmal wird euch beim Spielen auch ein Glückskind-Buff gewährt, der eure Chance erhöht, an einem Gangsterschatz-Automaten zu gewinnen. Das die Preise für Relikte und ähnliches Zeugs droppen halte ich nicht für dramatisch. Kommentar verfassen Antwort abbrechen.

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